Delivery Teams

Left to right – Richard Stephens, Carrie Herbert, Isabelle Rodker, Martin Cope, Kit Loring, Holli Yeoman, Emmalee Wilson.

Kit Loring

Kit Loring is a State Registered Arts Therapists with a specialism in Dramatherapy. He is also a qualified and registered Clinical Supervisor. As senior partner and practitioner with The Ragamuffin Project, Kit has developed therapeutic programmes with a broad range of client groups including: Young Offenders and Children with severe behavioural problems; perpetrators and victims of emotional, physical and sexual abuse and children and adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Kit has also conducted extensive training and supervision programmes in Cambodia, Russia and Finland and provided training workshops at conferences in Germany, Greece, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Carrie Herbert

Carrie Herbert is an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, qualified Trainer and supervisor. As Project Manager and practitioner of The Ragamuffin Project, Carrie’s role combines overall management of Ragamuffin’s work in the UK and overseas, and work as an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor. Carrie has extensive experience in the following areas: asylum seekers and refugees, mental health, trauma and abuse, post conflict work and therapeutic training and supervision. Together with Kit, Carrie has been developing introductory and specialised training courses in the Healing Arts in Cambodia since 2001.

Kit and Carrie both have considerable experience working cross-culturally. They have developed a sensitive and collaborative approach that has enriched their practice as they ‘learn’ from those they teach.

Emmalee Wilson

Emmalee is a State Registered Dramatherapist and a Therapeutic Theatre and Performing Arts Practitioner.  She specialises in: Individual and group therapy with Refugees and Asylum Seekers, primary and secondary age children (including those in Pupil Referral Units) and in combining Creative Arts Therapy with horticulture and environmental issues. She is committed to promoting theatre as an interactive experience and therapeutic tool with considerable experience in this field.

Martin Cope

Martin travelled the world extensively before joining the Ragamuffin team. He is a State Registered Dramatherapist as well as a Circus and Performing Arts Practitioner. His Specialisms include: individual, group and ‘planned environment’ therapy for adolescents and developing narrative, anthropological, musical, eco-psychological and circus approaches to therapy. He has published work on arts-based, person-centered therapeutic research. Martin has been the lead therapist within a variety of placements working with young offenders and disadvantaged young people excluded from mainstream school. In addition to his work with Ragamuffin, Martin Founded and Directs the work of Hiraeth: a new woodland initiative based in Mid Wales where creative arts therapies, performing arts, psychology, education and ecology unite.

Richard Stephens

Richard is a State-registered Dramatherapist with a background in experimental theatre, film and craftwork with vulnerable groups. He has considerable experience of delivering therapeutic services within a residential mental health setting. Richard has a special interest in metaphor and ritual as routes to the transpersonal - an area of psychotherapy that explores states of consciousness and the nature of identity. Richard is the current chair of the Network of Arts Therapies Professions in Wales.

Isabelle Rodker

Isabelle Rodker is an Arts Therapist specialising in Dramatherapy and the use of theatre to promote social and personal change.  She has pioneered Arts Therapy projects with vulnerable people in the UK and in Cambodia.  Isabelle has been working most recently with young people with a wide range of behavioural problems for the NHS in South London and on a theatre for change project with disabled people in Cambodia. Isabelle joined Ragamuffin as a State Registered Arts Therapist and project coordinator.  She also continues to work in South London with families at Women’s Aid and with young people at a youth support service.

Holli Yeoman

Holli Yeoman is a dancer and joined Ragamuffin as a volunteer in March 07. She has considerable experience in fundraising and development work in the voluntary sector, which she gained first at Dynamix, then at Forest School Wales. Following a career break, during which she managed her own self-build project, she is now teaching part-time, which leaves time and energy to support Ragamuffin in sustaining its development and growth.

Cambodia Team

Sengly, Ravy, Helyda, Carrie, Sam, Nara, Leakhena, Kit, Both, Ratha
  • Sarun Helyda – Assistant Project Co-ordinator
  • Chan Nara – Administration and Logistics
  • Lim Bouyheak – Assistant Project Co-ordinator
  • Serey Samchet – Translator
  • Sarah Chhin - Advisor
  • Security – Lors Ravy, Chan Ratha, Pech Sengly, Lao Pola
  • Housekeeping – Geoung Leakaena



'Working with Ragamuffin' by Sarun Helyda, Project Coordinator, Cambodia:

"I​ now recognize the power of the arts to heal. What’s more, how something very simple can become very special and powerful. Ragamuffin seems to have opened my eyes to perceive a completely new thing that is, to me, incredibly fantastic!!! I don’t know how to describe this feeling of mine about how wonderful Ragamuffin’s work is! I just know that it is JUST BRILLIANT!!!"


Russia Connections...

Those involved in the organisation of training events and courses delivered by Ragamuffin include:

  • Varvara Sidorova - Art Therapist and Director of Art Therapy Training Moscow University of Psychology and Pedagogics
  • Yulia Akhtyamova - Child Psychologist
  • Marianna Igelnik - Psychiatrist/Linguist/Therapist
  • Igor Shpitsberg - Chief of Rehab. Programmes - The National Centre for Autistic and Disabled Children
  • Irina Biriukova - Director of Dance/Movement Therapy Training
  • Sergey Tiunov - Chief of Dept. of Urgent Psychological Help 
  • Elena Chour - Consultant and Events Organiser


The Ragamuffin Project is committed to regular appraisals and performance reviews for staff. All of our staff have a line manager and all Arts Therapists have a qualified clinical supervisor who they meet with regularly for professional supervision