Healing Arts Practitioner Graduates 2008

Ragamuffin provides training for a wide range of organizations within the caring professions.


  • Foundation Course in The Healing Arts - The Ragamuffin Project runs a year long modular Foundation Course in the Healing Arts at The Ragamuffin House, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This course began in 2004/5 and is ongoing. Application forms and further information can be obtained from The Ragamuffin Project in Phnom Penh.

  • Advanced Course in Arts Therapy and Clinical Supervision. The Ragamuffin Project runs a 2 year modular Advanced course in Arts Therapy and clinical supervision in Cambodia.

  • Context-Specific Training. After a period of consultation and an assessment of the training needs of an organisation or staff team, a training programme is devised and delivered. (See projects for further details of beneficiary organizations).

  • Business Community Training and Retreat Programmes - We also conduct training and retreat programmes for the business community where Directors, Managers and staff teams can consider the: professional and personal values that underpin their work, the management of stress, the balance of personal and professional priorities, people management, group dynamics and getting the very best from people, and problem solving using highly effective creative techniques.