Retreats for organisations and groups

“…I can’t hold all this on my own…”

Ragamuffin recognizes the pressure there is on staff teams/people dedicated to the relief of suffering. This commitment to the relief of pain can also cause us pain. As we open our hearts to others our hearts can hurt too. Our very sensitivity leaves us vulnerable to being wounded. For some who work in this field it is hard to accept that we are no less important than those we serve - we need to care for ourselves as we care for others.


Ragamuffin conducts Retreat programmes where these issues can be considered. The retreat allows members of a caring staff team to identify what inspires and motivates them and enable participants to reflect on the affect their work is having on themselves and their personal relationships and professional effectiveness. Together we create effective ways of balancing work, rest, relationships and play and so improve the quality of our lives and our work.


"'Creative Arts Therapy', enthusiastically promoted by Kit Loring and Carrie Herbert (The Ragamuffin Project) is extremely relevant to Cambodia where every living adult has undergone traumatic experiences in life. In their training and retreat programmes their experiential workshops sensitize caregivers towards establishing healing-systems that can empower people and provide a deeper understanding of one’s self and the effect of these traumatic experiences through the innovative process of 'Creative Arts Therapy'"

(Dr Bhoomi, Child Centre for Mental Health, Cambodia)