Clinical Supervision

The purpose of Supervision is to support staff who strive to serve others so that they can do their very best for their clients.

What is Clinical and Therapeutic Supervision?

Supervision enables reflection on how things are going with your clients. Where things seem a little stuck it can provide a context in which a number of approaches can be suggested and their potential outcomes considered. Clinical and Therapeutic Supervision enables staff to reflect on their work and look at their practice from a variety of perspectives: case, managerial, educational, therapeutic, cultural, systemic (i.e. the organizational, communal, familial and cultural context). It also provides an opportunity to gently explore any personal issues that may affect our work and our clients. The supervisor works with the supervisee to support them and ensure they work safely and effectively within ethical codes of conduct.



Qualified (and registered) clinical supervisors within the Ragamuffin group provide supervision for therapists, counselors, social workers as well as others in the caring professions.