Advice & Consultancy

Ragamuffin responds to invitations for advice, consultancy and support from organisations wishing to develop their psychosocial services, training and supervision programmes. Training needs analysis can be conducted to inform an organization of areas for expansion and development of their staff team.

We recognise the expertise and experience of those who request staff training from Ragamuffin. They recognize the need for Continuing Professional Development and Training (CPD). Ragamuffin specialists are invited to make an assessment of training needs. This consultancy service begins with the clients themselves; what are their needs and how can they best be met?
In consultation with the staff team and management we then devise a programme of study and identify clear outcomes for the course.

We cannot do everything, we have an area of expertise, and though it is broad in its application what we offer falls within this field. This compliments existing skills and training from other providers.