Russia - From St. Petersburg to Tuva in Siberia

"Establishing healing-systems that can empower people and provide a deeper understanding of one’s self and the effect of these traumatic experiences through the innovative process of Creative Arts Therapy"


There is a great hunger for new approaches to the increasing number of people who ask for help with mental health problems in Russia. Organisations that support those who struggle with learning and physical disabilities are also discovering the effectiveness of Creative Therapies. Over the last seven years we’ve delivered Training and Clinical Supervision for Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists, Social workers and Youth and Community Workers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Cheliabinsk, Novosibirsk and Tuva in Siberia.


Beneficiaries include:

St Petersburg

  • Art Therapy Association.
  • State Institute of Psychology & Social Work.


  • State organization, Russian Republican Children's Hospital, Federal Agency of Healthcare and Social Development.
  • Our Sunny World, Children's (Disabled and ASD - Autistic Spectrum Disorder) Rehabilitation Centre, interregional charitable social organization
  • Moscow Government Social Psychological Help Service – Rapid Response Team/urgent psychological help department.
  • The Department of Dance/Movement Therapy, Institute for Practical Psychology & Psychoanalysis – Clinical Supervision
  • The International Institute of Systemic Research into Drug-Addiction Problems and The Association of Experts on Children's Problems.
  • Centre for Curative Pedagogics (for severely disabled and autistic children).
  • Dance/Movement Therapy Association – Moscow
  • Moscow University of Psychology and Pedagogics
  • Psychological Centre for Children and Adolescents "Perekrestok"



  • South-Ural Institute of Professional Education, Ministry of Occupation and Social Development.
  • Centre of Psychological Support at the South-Ural Institute of Professional Education


  • State University of Novosibirsk - Psychological Centre


  • Organised by, ‘The Moscow Institute for Practical Psychology & Psychoanalysis Department of Dance/Movement Therapy’ ‘Interactive ‘lecture/workshop’ on treatment planning for those addicted to drugs or alcohol’.
  • ‘Brave New Man’ – High levels of suicide amongst young men, drug and alcohol addiction and domestic violence gave rise to this initiative.