Pan Asia

Pan Asia network (HK, Singapore, Thailand)

Across Asia Ragamuffin are networking with others committed to the practice and promotion of Creative Arts Therapy

To date, we have provided training workshops and presentations in HK, Singapore and Indonesia.


Ragamuffin are convening this conference (date to be announced). Referring to culture and beliefs, we will consider the relevance and application of Creative Therapies in the treatment of endemic trauma and the ways in which people from different belief systems process suffering. The conference will be the first of its kind in Cambodia and will bring together practitioners and those with an interest in this subject from across Asia.   


Hong Kong - An invitation to visit Hong Kong resulted in presentations and meetings with artists and professionals working in Arts in Health. A working group involving Judith Moss, Caroline Essame, Fiona Foo and Ragamuffin developed. A growing collaboration has resulted from an intensive summer school in Expressive Arts Therapy in June 2007 at the Centre of Behavioral Health. Ragamuffin will be presenting at the Art Therapy Symposium in March 2009.

Singapore - Introductory sessions and workshops were delivered in the summer of 2006 in collaboration with Caroline Essame Art Therapist. Caroline Essame has also produced a series of beautiful oil paintings (see below) to raise funds in support of Ragamuffin’s Arts Therapy Centre in Cambodia.

Heliconia by Caroline Essame

Indonesia – Initial presentations took place in 2008 with organisations working with vulnerable children and young people in Bali, Indonesia.

Other links are being explored in Thailand, Nepal and Mainline China.

If you are interested in being part of The Pan Asian Arts Therapy Network please contact us.