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Welcome to Ragamuffin House

             Centre for Creative Arts Therapy, Training, Supervision & Research, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


In Cambodia The Ragamuffin Project is a State Registered INGO (International Non-Governmental Organisation) based in Phnom Penh. Our work in Cambodia began in 2001. We are engaged in a long-term initiative following an initial ten year period. So far Ragamuffin have introduced Creative Arts Therapy to a broad range of organisations in the psycho-social sector. In 2004 the first 'Certificate level 'Foundation Course in the Healing Arts' was established. In 2009 a 2 year Advanced Course was introduced. Along with these courses, Ragamuffin designs and delivers context specific training programmes, Clinical Supervision and Therapeutic Retreats.


"I fully support and endorse The Ragamuffin Project's programme of Arts Therapy... It's a culturally relevant approach to resolving mental health issues in Cambodia and is complementary with our objectives for health and social care. I am one hundred per cent behind the work of the Ragamuffin project in Cambodia"

(Prof. Ka Sunbaunat, Director of Department Psychiatry and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Health Science, Cambodia)

Current services and projects include...

  • Foundation Course in the Healing Arts (a one year modular training programme).
  • Advanced Course in Arts Therapy and Clinical Supervision.
  • Development of the Cambodia Association for Healing Arts Therapy (CAHAT)
  • Clinical Supervision for counsellors and therapists
  • Creative Arts Therapy for individual clients
  • Context specific Training with M’Lop Tapang, The Asia Foundation Partner Organisations, Phare, Royal University of Phnom Penh, French Red Cross.
  •  Therapeutic Retreat Programmes - EFC Celebrating Children.

Beneficiaries in Cambodia include:

U.N. French Red Cross, The Asia Foundation Project Partners, CamboKids, LICHADO  (Human Rights), Transcultural Psycho-social Organisation (TPO), VBNK, Enfants et Developpment, ARM (Trafficked and abused children), KMR (Trafficked and abused children), World Hope International, International Cooperation Cambodia - SKY/HOSEA (training for Village Chiefs and community leaders in developing strategies to address the needs of their communities and Buddhist Monks providing care for children with severe behavioural and emotional problems), Hosea Ministries (working with street children addicted to drugs). Destiny (trafficked and abused children), World Vision & Project Partners, Tearfund, Cambodia Woman’s Crisis Centre, M’lop Tapang (Educational, Vocational, Primary Health Care and Therapy Centre for abused and displaced children and children at risk), Goutte D’eau (Trafficked abused children), The Mango Tree Garden (Sanctuary for Children – creative play and story-telling in a garden created within the grounds of the pagoda), Royal University of Phnom Penh – School of Psychology, Phnom Penh Counselling Centre, Phare (Community based programme for vulnerable children), Homeland (working with: Trafficked and abused children), Chab-Dai (coalition of organisations working with trafficked and abused children), Interchange/White Lotus, Pour un Souire d’Enfant – organisation that rehabilitates children who live in rubbish dumps in Phnom Penh.


Our thanks go to the following current donors and funders of this work in Cambodia – BIG International Lottery, The British Embassy, World Vision International, M’Lop Tapang, PPCC, The Asia Foundation, Enfants et Developpment, Destiny, VVOB, KMR, Goutte D’eau, Celebrating Children, ICC SKY, ICC HOSEA, ARM, The Gammon Family, The Raby Family Trust, Geoff Herbert, Trevor & Helen Sworn, Caroline Esemee, Mr & Mrs Heap, Mr & Mrs Loring, Steve & Mary Weeks, Joyce Costello and other donors who wish to remain anonymous...thank you!