River of Tears

Can’t Understand why
People don’t cry
When we look at all the suffering in the world

Are we mind numb? Are we frozen?
Thoughtless? Couldn’t care less for our world?

Am I one of them? Am I?

What’s the matter? Do you feel bad that you struggle to feel anything at all?

We have so much, more than enough
All this and there’s nothing we can do?!

I am one of them - I am
Who can do something - I am
Am I so powerless? Am I?
What would make a difference – could I try?

What would it take for my tears to fall?
What would wake the love in me? And so awake the love in me
And would/Maybe that make a/some difference to this world?
How long to wait for a river of tears flowin, a river of love

I want to be one of them
Who plants the seeds of life again
And beauty is restored again
And tears of love fall as rain
For the earth… for that child… for the lonely and the broken

Kit - July 09 Phnom Penh and Mumbles
Kit: Voice, Guitars, Rhodes, Synth
Mike: Bass, Drums fills
Recorded and produced by Mike Newbon at the The Vicar’s Shed