Little Yellow Balloon


Little balloon
Like the sun
a little piece of string
hanging  from it

No one’s holding the string that’s old and
frayed at the edges
No one
Someone cut the string or
just pulled it ‘till it broke
and the little balloon floated away into space –
blue day and night black space.
Through the black and the blue like a
Through the black and the blue like a
black blue bruise

Beaten by the wind
Little yellow light lost in
dark cold night – ‘cos you can’t see colours in the dark
Unseen, unnoticed, unwanted then.

Little yellow balloon
Looking for a home
and someone who’ll hold onto it

Kit 6.10.05
For Catherine



…To Stop the Tears From Falling


Brave - brave face
Grave - grave face
Buried grace
Love lies hidden
Behind barbed wire fences and
Stone cold walls – concrete rising
From the ground to the sky
Grey sky, cold slate-grey sky
The colour of loneliness, of
Loss, of love lost
Lost somewhere in the streets
Like litter dropped and tossed about like
Something thrown away – gutter rubbish
Blown away by a careless wind

Brave, brave as blue
As the blue sky above the grey sky
Brave through grey
Through it all, yes…through it all
But sad too, so sad
The kind of sadness that makes you…
Makes you want to smash things, tear things
Tear it all up, or…take all the colours of the rainbow and
Rub them all together, mix them to mud
And do it with your fist
And punch through the ruined rainbow’s
Empty promises promises of hope
Like punching the air
No one knows what you’re doing
Or why you ruin things that are ruined anyway
Why you punch the lights all out
And punch the air again again again
As if the air cared or could feel a thing
Useless and stupid
Punching to stop the tears from falling
Senseless heart beat-en senseless
And inside now
Another life within the broken brave life
Another heart beats with this
Broken brave heart
Brave…and strong, not
Like steel or dead grey concrete, no, not like that,
Strong like love, like love is,
Strong as love
Love like my love for my child
Stronger, stronger than hunger
Stronger than hate, than violence
Or shame. Strong
I feel something change…
A gift of life brings a gift of love
To me, to me, to me.  

Kit dedicated to a brave client. 5.1.06





My family is wierd
Evil in my family
Like everybody died
My brother died
1 month old
My sister
18 months
My brother…
Still born
My dad died
December 14th
Just before Christmas
My dad
Not my step dad
My real dad

By my ex’s father …
That’s what killed my father

Police came round my house the day my dad died

If he doesn’t go down …

He won’t go down though
I just got this feeling
He’ll get off
But I won’t…I’ve got to live with what happened to me
For the rest of my life

Kit, with and for Alice

At the Russian Republican Children's Hospital, Federal Agency of Healthcare and Social Development, Moscow, in the department working with children with incurable diseases – together we wrote a little story – one at a time we each made a line :



There was a bird who fell from heaven.    
When he came down to earth he met another bird.
The other bird had a broken wing.
(the next child didn’t want to say anything so there was just a moment of silence).
The heavenly bird loved the bird with the broken wing.
He stayed with her until her wing got better.
Then together they flew between heaven and earth.
Whilst in heaven the heavenly bird introduced his new friend to others who lived there and members of his family who now lived there too.
They all got on very well.
(Again another child preferred silence to words and this was good)
and …when they felt pain - they felt it together,
and when they felt joy -  they felt it together,
and they could face anything because of love.