Diamonds of Love

Yes mum is gone
But you didn’t die too
You still have a life to live

You belong here
You have a place
And so much love to give

The tears that you cry
Are like diamonds of love

And somebody is waiting for you to hold them
Somebody is hoping that you will find them
Somebody is searching and only you will do

Somebody is waiting for you to notice
That they need your hand to reach out and touch them
Somebody is waiting for you, they need you and want you
For you are meant to be

Awaken from sleep
Lift your head
Rub your eyes and see
Those that wait
Wait for your smile
The sparkle in your tears

And there in your hands are the diamonds of love …

And all the hurt you’re feeling now has
A rightful place inside your heart
Whenever life has cut you down it leaves you feeling pain
Don’t be afraid of what you’re feeling
Let your cry be heard now someone is listening

Kit. Neath & Mumbles Wales UK
Recorded at Mike Newbon studios UK March 09