Your donations and support enable the work of The Ragamuffin Project to continue to bring hope and healing to those who have suffered. You can donate to the work of the Ragamuffin Project in the following ways:


By cheque payable to The Ragamuffin Project - send to the addresses:

* The Ragamuffin Project, PO Box 60 Mayals Avenue, Swansea, SA3 5DD, UK

* The Ragamuffin Project, PO Box 2533, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

You can contact us either by:

*Phone: +447782 210121 or

*E-mail: for our bank account details if you want to do a credit transfer from your bank account

Support Ragamuffin While Traveling

Support Ragamuffin-Cambodia Project While Traveling

The other way you can give your donation to us is through TravelGiver. Firstly, you choose Ragamuffin-Cambodia project where your traveling fund go to, and then you book your trip with TravelGiver. More importantly, there is no extra cost.


If you intend to support us - Ragamuffin-Cambodia - while you are traveling, please kindly click the TravelGiver logo at the right side.


We are raising money for our NIGHT GUARD from May to August 2012 for Clinic Arts Therapy in Cambodia. Please click the link below to make donation.


you can have your donation to Ragamuffin Gift Aided via Give 2 Asia. Please click on the Give2Asia logo below.

Online Donation

Now you can make donation easier and safer by using Paypal. Please click the button below.


Many Hands - Build an Arts Therapy Clinic in Cambodia - Please make a donation on this fundraising website


We are currently seeking funding for Creative Arts Therapy trainings - Foundation and Advanced Course in Healing Arts - in Cambodia. It has always been The Ragamuffin Project's Long-term plan to enable Cambodian people to become competent, confident and effective practitioners in the field of Arts Therapy.